Finally! How To Get Motivated Sellers Calling You!"
One thing Every Real Estate Investor needs is leads 

No leads = No Deals = No money
Are you getting all the leads you need?

Can you imagine having all the leads you dreamed of?

Tired of local Investors all fighting over the same house?

Are doubting that your real estate investing business can give you the life you deserve? Or even worse, do doubt that you have what it takes to be successful in real estate?

How many times has this happened to you ...
You finally find a great house and then some

 Newbie Investor offers way too much!! and BAM 

another good deal gone!!!

Fighting for deals, trying to get to the house first, hope no other investor is going to be there and praying it is not already sold.....

Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels? 
Are you feeling there are no good deals in your area?

Are you sending and paying for mailings to find out that the Homeowner has a stack of letters from every other Investor and they have not even opened!

I was in the exact same place and it was horrible! I just kept thinking of every possible way to get leads. 

I would wake up at 2:00 am every night and could not sleep and I would just worry how as I going to make money in Real Estate.  What am I dong wrong? How can I make this work?  I just needed the leads to prove that I was good at Real Estate ... but ... No leads = No deals = No money!  

Finally I saw a light at the end of the tunnel....things started working and I got a Lead! A good lead!

One Lead .... then another lead... and it started to change my life and my Real Estate Business! Then dozens of leads...

So How Did I Do It?
Well here is my story...
I was desperate ....I knew I needed to figure out a way to start making money so I started placing ads in all the local newspapers.  I was doing ok, getting some leads, putting houses under contract and selling houses things were starting to  look better. 

Some leads came in and then all of a sudden it stopped!  No Leads - no calls- nothing. It was like someone turned off the hose and my business dried up! 

I had to figure out what happened!  I found out a local Realtor contacted all the newspapers and told them if they keep putting in my ads they were going to pull all the Real Estate Ads! I think he felt threatened by us. 

They would not even run my ads for my rentals. I was so desperate - my business was gone! I was up at night and I had that deep pit in my was I going to do this?

I would wake up at 2:00 am and just worry..There had to be a way! How can they do this to us? I needed a solution

So, I decided to try doing mailings like every other Investor in my area. I bought every list I could think of and more..

I mailed to everyone: Probates, Absentee owners. Vacant houses and so forth. I was buying so many mailing lists hoping this one list would work.

Instead of getting leads I got caught up in the "Investor Scramble". Every single investor in my area were fighting over the same lead and then a some new Investor would come in an offer way more that it was worth and another deal gone - I was so frustrated!

Next, I tried Yellow Letters and mailed 1200 letters out. I spent the next three days getting yelled out by angry owners. " How did you get my address?"  "I am going to report you to the authorities" You are trying to rip me off" 

I was more that frustrated! I walked out of my office and slammed the door and screamed 
"I quit!" 

I was serious I was never going in that office again! I was so sick in my stomach and I was shaking. I am not doing this anymore! I am tired of people thinking I am ripping them off! I just want to help people.

This entire thing was really affecting me...I actually was getting sick and bills were piling up

This is hard for me to share, but I really had a messed up childhood.  A lot of rejection and a very unstable family. I was told you can't do to this - you will never amount to anything and that led to a bunch of rejection. I needed to prove this to me I can do this plus I wanted to give my children the life I never had!

Then I came up with a plan. I can't keep doing what everyone else is doing. I decided to do the opposite of what every other investor was doing. I needed to figure this out and I decided to try the internet.

Problem, I did not know where to start, where to turn in fact I knew very little about the computer let alone the internet.

 I spent the next 9 months every day working and figuring out  how I was going to make this work .. why?  Because I needed to make money. I had a daughter that wanted to go to college and plus my mother moved in with us and she needed care. I had to make this work!

Then it happened....
I had a motivated seller call me! To be honest, I was shocked he called me and no one else knew about this house. He did not contact anyone else- no competition he just called me!

I remember the call came in during the TV show Survivor (I love Survivor) and I was so excited I just paced around the house and I could not even sit down. 

I realized this is going to work! I could hardly believe it. I ran out the next day and put that house under contract. By the way I made over 100K on that house!

Then another lead came in - more leads.. more and more plus I was even ranking number one on Google..... This is pretty cool..

I was getting better leads that I ever got from the newspaper, mailings or bandit signs.

I was back to helping people and making a lot of money!
Can I Do It Too?
Absolutely! In fact I have put a simple step by step system
... if you can open an email you can do this!! 
 This will get you on your way to financial freedom. I call it Cyndy's Leads in 3 Hours Master Pack!

Imagine How Your Life Would Change If You Had

 All The Leads You Wanted?? 
You could Quit you 9-5 and make money in Real Estate!

Start getting paid what your worth and not making someone else RICH!

Imagine, helping people and they tell all their friends about you, making great money with no competition!

Stop playing the Investor Scramble and fighting every other Investor for Leads and the other investors will be wondering " where are they getting all their leads?"

Dominate your market and you become the Investor that they call...

Finally being able to buy that house, car or vacation you have been dreaming about and living the dream!

Opening your computers with a list of leads that are chasing you! asking you to buy their house! How Cool is that??
Get Started Today with Cyndy's Leads in 3 Hours Bundle!
Everything you need to get Motivated Buyers and Sellers chasing you with my secret methods :)

This Is What's Included In my Offer...
Leads in 3 Hours Master Pack
This is my Step by Step System from start to finish to keep you on the cutting edge. that  shows you how to set up all your social media, Google and online platforms the right way and to get Leads chasing you to buy or sell their houses.

If your company  is not set up correctly it can cost you big time and that means no leads!! 
And that means no money!!

If you can open an email you can take control of your business and have the leads coming to you!

Even if you are not familiar with the Internet this step by step system will can get your Business and up and running in 3 Hours!
Leads in 3 Hours Master Class Calls
This is the First Time Anyone has Offered This! 
And I am so excited!! 

As you know, the Internet is changing daily. How we generated leads for our businesses two months ago is totally different than what we are doing today. 

To generate leads you have to be on the cutting edge and we are handing this to you on a silver platter! 

Did you ever run into an issues and do not know what to do?? 

You can't rely on information only... you need coaching and accountability and we are offering this for the first time ever!!!!

These are live webinar style calls that Cyndy Dumire and  Bobbi Shaw (the top Real Estate Lead Generator in the USA)  showing you the latest tricks, answering questions, support on your Motivated Lead Generation.

You will get access to 4 months of 10 action packed group calls (Webinar format) from two of the top Gurus in the country.

are you ready ?? 

 here are the awesome
Exclusive Bonuses
That You 
Can't Get Anywhere Else!
Leads In 3 Hours - 30 Day Plan!
Bonus #2
(Worth $1,997.00)
Cyndy's 30 Day Plan - From Lead to Deed!!

How to set up your office......
Getting your Company set up......
Setting up all your platforms......
How to organize you leads.....

Step by Step what to do each and every day (you can even check it off - I love to do that :)

Brand new Hot off the Press - What to do each and every day to get a boat load of buyers each and every day!!

Finally - you will know where to start, what to do, how to do and get stuff done. 

This is the exact system that I use and I can show you how to have buyers and sellers contacting you directly - Awesome Right?

50 Secret Words that Flag 
Bonus #2
 (Worth $497)
Did you know you can go to Facebook Jail - 

Or get ghosted on Craigslist... (bet you didn't know about that one)

There are certain words that are a RED FLAG in social media and also Google.

It is really important that you know what to say and how to say it!

This is a must.. to keep leads coming if :)

We have automated our business and using the correct tools can save you hours!! and make you more money!!

You need to have your business work for you and using the right words will give you more leads and contracts... I love Leads :) 

Cyndy's Marketing Consultation 
 Bonus #3 
(Worth $3,000)
Cyndy Will Look at Your Business on a One Time Marketing Consultation Call

Cyndy has been doing Real Estate for 38 years and has been came the top Real Estate Marketer and Mentor in the USA.

She has helped and mentored thousands of students in Real Estate Lead Generation.

This is strictly for Real Estate Marketing and to show you how to generate massive leads. 

She will personally look over your businesses and offer suggestions on things that will help get more deals and that means more $$

This is a one time call and she has never offered this before!! and I doubt it will be offered again...

So, here is your big chance to talk to Cyndy and get her expert advice


Plus We Are Offering.... 
Free Access to a Brand New 
"Private Facebook Group" 
where you can share ideas, ask questions and be with like minded people :)

Just think - if you only get one house in the next 30 days for 

 And New Leads Forever - What A Deal!!

You need to do this before your competition does.......
limited time offer!
This will only be available for a Limited time...
 when the Slots are Filled they are gone!!! 
And to Be Honest... not sure if this is going to be Offered again...

 Dominate your Market before your competition Takes All Your Leads....

don't miss out.. 
One Final thought
If you know me at all there is one thing that I live by and have it on all my personal emails...

If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it ... say yes, and learn how to figure it out later.... 

Well the good thing is ..... I already have it figured out!

One decision today can affect the rest of your life...

You Got This!!

Cyndy and Tom Dumire :)
Yes! Cyndy and Tom, I'm Ready To Purchase! 

EVERYTHING You'll Get When You Purchase 

This AMAZING Offer!
Here’s A Recap of
When You Purchase Cyndy's Super Simple Facebook Bundle
  • Leads in 3 Hours Master Pack                                    ($7,997 Value)          
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  • Leads in 3 Hours 30 Day Plan                                     ($1,997 Value)          
  •  50 Secret Words That Flag                                              ($497 Value)          
  • Cyndy's Marketing Consultation Call (1st 10 only)                       ($3,000) Value)          
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But today, you're getting all of this...
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